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What Is An Account Checker ?
An account checker is an attack tool that takes lists of leaked username and password pairs and tests them against a website. The attacker uses account checker bots to test stolen credentials. Here we have the OpenBullet 1.4.5 Anomaly Final version for you.

This is a webtesting suite that allows to perform requests towards a target webapp and offers a lot of tools to work with the results. This software can be used for scraping and parsing data, automated pentesting, unit testing through selenium and much more.
OpenBullet 1.4.5 Anomaly Version
Needed : Proxy/Combo List/Config
Size : 21.5 MB
Password : openBullet.net
Download OpenBullet :
Download OpenBullet 1.4.5 Anomaly Final Version
Download OpenBullet 2 :
Download OpenBullet2
Автор: JefferySed (17 мая 2022 02:37)
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